Frequency of Posts

I have so much writing inside of me that I swear I could produce 50 blog posts a day if there was actually time and I had nothing else to do.

That being said, I am a sensitive being with a very busy life and I get easily overwhelmed. The last thing that will ever inspire me to write is feeling pressured to do so and so I have to do it at my own pace and when it feels right to me.  If that means sometimes I go for quite awhile without posting then that is the way it has to be.  I hope you can understand this and just continue to look forward to my next post anyway.

I do suspect that I will write more consistently in the future but I am dealing with a lot right now in my life and this blog is just one of MANY things I must do right now to get my future on track.

Thank you for your patience and support.

I love you