To ALL of My Fellow Americans- Election Day 2020

To ALL of my fellow Americans:

To those who have already voted.
To those who will be voting soon.
To those who are not going to vote.

If your choice is different than mine:
It’s okay. We are different people.

If your voice is supporting that which I do not:
I still support you as a human being.

If the move you will or have made is one that makes me feel awful inside:
I will realize that that is not why you did it and that maybe you feel awful about my move.

I might cry.
I might be angry.
I might be terrified.
I might literally hate you.

These things are okay. They are my feelings.
I will take responsibility for them. I will work through them constructively by allowing them to be present and feeling them. If this is too difficult for me to do on my own then I will get help.

Underneath them I will see their story and I will realize that it has nothing to do with you and what you did and that as much as I want to I cannot really blame you. I will know that you have your own story which means that you may have or would have gone through the exact same thing over what I did.

I will comfort myself. I will care for myself. I will love myself. I will give myself whatever it is that I need.

And then even though we may never be friends, I will still be kind to you and I will still love you❤️


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