What if the state of our external world was a reflection of our collective internal world?

No blame or shame here; I promise, my dearest ones❤️

We are all wounded from our stay on this planet and it is not our fault❤️

That being said, we are the keepers of our own hearts. We are the only ones who can really see what is going on inside of us. I know it can be scary to look but the more we peak the more we can heal and potentially set not only ourselves free but maybe make a tiny little space for more light to shine on all of us as a whole💚💙

Just something to consider during this time of chaos and uncertainty. Perhaps some of us may have a little more time on hand than usual to reflect as I totally understand that the hectic nature of our planet in general makes it hard to find or make room for this stuff.

Our scars don’t make us bad. Our hurt is not something to be ashamed of. And I am so sorry for all of us for all of the times we have been told that those things are so.

Maybe do some writing.
Look at your own eyes in a mirror.
Talk to someone who is safe and won’t
judge or try to fix you.
Sob uncontrollably.

Wrap your arms around your own self and radiate love inward.

It can be so empowering to take charge of our own pain❤️


I love you so very deeply my fellow humans. Every, single one of you. Yes, you too❤️



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