I Can See Your Perspective

I can understand your perspective.

Not precisely the same way as you because I have not had your exact experiences- but when you share your feelings with me they can make sense to me if I imagine that I am you and I try to feel what you are saying.

If I allow myself I can see where you are coming from and even if I know that I wouldn’t respond the same way as you I can still accept that that is just because we are not the same person.

Neither one of us is right or wrong- we are just different in how we see and respond to things because of what we have been through and how we were shaped and how we react to things. It is okay.

I can still love you and support you as a human being. I can cheer for you to have your best life that you can.

Even though I am not you I can have empathy for your way. Even if I am on the opposite side of you fighting for the exact thing you are fighting against, I can still see your perspective.

Because I choose to. I WANT to. Because I care. Because even though we are different we are still one whole together.

I love you.


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