Things You Should Know

This blog is ME- my heart, my experiences, my perspective.  It is based on my personal experiences, things I have learned and what flows through my heart and soul and out my fingertips.  If you are looking for information citing peer-reviewed scientific data then this may not be the place for you.  Although I have no problem with this, it is not my style.  Everything that is true is indeed scientific whether yet proven or not, but I believe it is important to remember that there was once a time when all things that are currently established as fact were not as of yet.  The value of new thought is profoundly important to the development of the future.  

If you want to ask me to elaborate further on something or if you have a question that is fine but I am not interested in debating with you.  I don’t mind one bit if you disagree with every single thing I say but again, I am not here to argue about it.  You are always free to go elsewhere if you don’t like what I am sharing.

I do not share to teach others to be like me.  I share to share.  If something I say resonates with you and you decide to take it as part of you then that is fine.  If what I say makes you angry and realize that you are the exact opposite of me then that is equally fine.  I don’t mind either way, neither way or anything else there is.  You be you.

This is my blog and if you write or post something that doesn’t feel like energy that I want in my space I will probably just delete it.

Thank you.

I love you