I Love You


Because I can see inside of your precious heart

Because of all the unique and important things you do each day

Because I know that some parts of you don’t feel very good about yourself


Because you are so much more than your scars

Because you are a perfect expression of divine love

Because your tenderness and generosity bring me to tears

I love you because I know that you are a good person even if you don’t see it


Because you are literally glowing

Because you deserve to be loved

Because I can see that you have insecurities even when you are wearing your confident face


Because you are me and unless I love you I cannot fully love me

Because there truly is no one else like you

Because I can see how much you are hurting

Because when you are sad I feel sad too

Because I know that you don’t really want to harm anyone


Because you ARE love itself

Because of the way that you smile

Because no matter how ugly you feel today, you are still beautiful both inside and out


I love you because of your darkness

I love you because sometimes you don’t love you


Because there really isn’t a reason not to

Because you are a human being, just like me

I love you simply because you exist


I love you





One Comment Add yours

  1. jules says:

    lovely reminder to love ourselves. Thanks Tanni.

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