To ALL of My Fellow Americans- Election Day 2020

To ALL of my fellow Americans: To those who have already voted. To those who will be voting soon. To those who are not going to vote. If your choice is different than mine: It’s okay. We are different people. If your voice is supporting that which I do not: I still support you as…


Holding back is fear; to cry is to be courageous  Forget society Shed your tears There is no weakness in being true to your emotions To let them go is to be free Ignore all stereotypes, silly creations of the mind Let the rain fall down It is a beautiful thing Powerful.  Strong.  Bold.  Precious….

I Couldn’t Love You More

Standing here in front of me, broken as you think you are. A bird who doesn’t know they can fly. I haven’t healed all of my imperfections yet, you say.  I still need to grow. What you don’t realize is that I already see you.  I know who you are. Your eyes shine so brightly….