Holding back is fear; to cry is to be courageous 

Forget society

Shed your tears

There is no weakness in being true to your emotions

To let them go is to be free

Ignore all stereotypes, silly creations of the mind

Let the rain fall down

It is a beautiful thing

Powerful.  Strong.  Bold.  Precious.  

Honor your body, your sacred vessel

Celebrate the blessing that is this release

Bathe in the wetness

Born anew

Clean and whole

Pure and innocent

Express what you feel

What a beautiful miracle


Bless you.  I love you.

~Spread LOVE~



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  1. Brent Kimberley Hurst says:

    A sane person moves through all the emotions freely – due to the appropriate situation. 🙂 Having high emotions as a choice 😀

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