Happy 1st Birthday Vita-mix!

I was just thinking about how I have probably had my Vita-mix for about a year now, so I decided to check.  I found my receipt dated January 17, 2009, so I am just a few days late.  Oh, well.  Happy 1st Birthday Vita-mix!  Here she is:

And another shot….

Here is an up-close of the birthday candle I put out for her.  Just one since that is how old she is….

Okay, okay,  so you might be thinking that I am really cheesy for this.  You are probably right.  You know what though?  I am TRULY excited enough about the fact that I have had my Vita-mix for a year now to celebrate!  So that is just what I am doing!  This machine has contributed so much to my health journey it is not even funny.  When I think about how I was feeling a year ago compared to how I feel today it just makes me want to sing!  And I owe so much of it to being able to make myself delicious and amazing green smoothies (for those not familiar, we will get into this another day) in my Vita-mix every single day!  I am SO GRATEFUL for this!  Thank you Vita-mix!  Right now I just want to aim and shoot for another year!  🙂

~Spread LOVE~



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  1. Daniel McLain says:

    Only you would have a birthday party for a mixer! That is why we love you though:)

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