Thank You

Thank you life for the opportunity to live

Thank you heart for the ability to love

Thank you openness for allowing me to feel and consider all things

Thank you earth for all of your beauty and abundance

Thank you humankind for all of your uniqueness

Thank you emotions for allowing me to laugh, to cry, to feel everything

Thank you fruit for nourishing me, making me feel amazing and tasting like love

Thank you passion for your beautiful intensity

Thank you sunshine for forcing me to smile when I may have otherwise forgotten

Thank you lover for holding my hand

Thank you family for always being there in a way that no one else ever can

Thank you today for coming and showing me that there is always another opportunity

Thank you forgiveness for helping me learn to let go

Thank you bad day for helping me grow

Thank you self for being there every second of every day and never giving up

~Spread LOVE~



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