Stop and Smell the Tulips….

Hello there my beautiful friends!

I realize it has been quite some time since I last posted.  I have been quite busy building some things in my life.  We live in a very busy world and for the most part these days, I would prefer to not be a part of that.  However, sometimes in life it is okay to be busy if you are working for a certain purpose that is going to better your life in some way.  Also, if the busy-ness is temporary until you get where you are trying to go.  Or if you enjoy it, perhaps.  Anyway, regardless of all that, I have been busy!  But it is all okay!

It can be so easy to get caught up in life, sort of stuck in the process in your head.  It is easy for people to become somewhat robotic, just going through the motions of the day.  I try really hard not to do this.  I try to live every moment as consciously as I can and I think that one thing that helps with this a lot is taking a little time to do something fun in the middle of it all.  And so, in the middle of my busy time, I took a day for me and I went and saw lots of beautiful tulips!!!  I am very excited to share some of the lovely pictures from the day…..

Yellow Tulips:

These are so pretty!  The word creamy comes to my mind when I look at them!

White Tulips:

I think these are my ultimate favorite.  They just look so delicate and pure.

Colorful Tulips:

Just look at all of the different colors!!!!

Lots of Tulips:

There were just SO many of them!!!!!!  Amazing!!!

Me and Tulips:

Ah, yes.  I was definitely enjoying myself.  🙂

So there you have it.  Stop and smell the tulips.  Doing things like this just really helps me to re-center myself when I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed and out of control.  I came back from this day ready to take on the challenge of the next one, and with my reality re-established.  It is my life and I am in control, at least for the most part.  😉

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Things have settled down a bit and I plan on blogging a lot more now.  I really want to so be prepared!

Have a wonderful, spectacular, amazing day that is full of love!!!!

~Spread LOVE~



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