Always, ALWAYS Follow Your HEART!!!!

Follow your heart.  Just do it!  Your heart knows what is true.

Don’t let the part of your brain that loves to fill your mind with doubts stop you from running toward your heart’s desire!!!

You are so beautiful and so deserving of the wonderful life that your heart wants to have.  You REALLY, truly are!  I promise!  But you really shouldn’t take it from me, you should take it from your OWN heart!  Your heart knows that this is true, it is just that sometimes the brain gets in the way and tells you things that just aren’t true.  But YOU get to decide if you believe them!  Next time your brain tells you that you don’t deserve what your heart wants, you just tell your brain that it is wrong and go ahead and take a step towards following your heart.

Your heart is so amazing and so perfect!  Just follow it!

It is okay if you are scared to follow your heart.  In time, you will see that it was a good decision as the results you truly desire unfold!!!  This will then give you more confidence to follow your heart in the future!

Follow your heart TODAY!  There is no sense in waiting till the “right moment” to follow your heart.  That moment may never come.  The right moment is now!  Just do it!!!!

It is never too late to follow your heart!  I am going to say that again; IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO FOLLOW YOUR HEART!!!!!  You still deserve it now, today!  No regrets!  If you start to regret not following your heart sooner then just push it aside!  This life is YOUR journey and YOU decided to follow your heart today and not yesterday.  That means YOU are in control of your life!  So it is okay!  You did it the way that was yours for this lifetime!  Yesterday cannot be changed anyway and regret does NO good.  However, today is yours to do whatever you want with!!!

Do not listen to other people who advise you not to follow your own heart.  They are not inside of you and they don’t know YOUR heart!  Whether their intentions are good or not, YOU are the only one who TRULY knows what YOUR HEART wants!!!

What if what your heart wants does not conform to society’s norms?  DO IT ANYWAY!!!!!  It will make YOU happy!  What could be better than that?!

You don’t know what your heart wants, you say?  Take a little bit of time to get quiet.  Sit by yourself for a while or meditate.  Do whatever works for you.  Getting in touch with your heart can often require taking a step out of the craziness of life for a bit.  Just do it!  You deserve it!  If you want the answers, they will come.  🙂

It is all within YOU, right there in your heart.

Please follow your heart today.  You can do it!!!  I know you can!  You are so fantastic and you really, truly can do anything that you want to!!!

~Spread LOVE~



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