No one is more blessed than I am.  I know this for a fact.* Now that may seem impossible to you and I can see where you are coming from, but allow me to explain.   🙂

It is true because I believe it is true.  You feel me?  I am choosing to acknowledge my blessed-ness and let it flow through every cell of my being.

This is not a competition.  I am not trying to compare myself to you.  I am not trying to say that I am MORE blessed than you.  In fact, I would never want you to think that!  I actually hope that you believe what I believe for yourself.  That no one is more blessed than you!

That being said, I will add that straight from my heart I do feel so fortunate and so grateful for everything that I have.  There really aren’t words for all of the people, experiences, moments, realizations, lessons, feelings, LOVE and everything else that I have to be thankful for.  It is truly something that can only be felt by my limitless flowing energetic self as it is so far beyond any possible utterance from the mouth.

Am I saying that my life is always rainbows, sunshine and butterflies?  That nothing difficult ever comes my way?  That I always have a smile on my face?  Not at all!  I am here on this planet right now having a human experience just like everyone else.  😉  But I get to choose what I do with everything that comes my way.  And although I don’t get it right every time, overall I choose to be blessed.  And therefore I am blessed.

Okay so back to this belief thing.  Honestly, I could write multiple blogs about the idea itself but for today I will try to keep it simple and relevant to this post.  If I choose to believe that I am blessed then I will feel blessed.  Makes sense, right?  And if I feel blessed then being blessed will become a part of my reality, true?  And the more it becomes a part of my reality, the easier it will be for me to continuously choose to be blessed because it will already be flowing inside of me!  It’s a circle, see?

Are you blessed?  Well I guess it is up to you, isn’t it?  And really, we are all blessed.  We just have to decide whether or not we want to accept it, be it and let it flow.

Do you want to learn how to be blessed?  If so, then repeat (and affirm) after me: “I am blessed.  So very blessed.”

~Spread LOVE~


* I know, I know; I said I don’t really believe in these (facts).  And….I don’t (for the most part).  What I mean is that it is a fact to me.  And those are mostly the kind of facts that I do believe in.  The ones that are a part of my reality.  They are facts to me because I believe them.  See?   🙂


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    1. tanni7 says:

      Thanks! Glad to hear it. 🙂

  1. C says:


    I found your blog last night and read about your candida overgrowth (which is what I’m getting past now) and was wondering how your healing with it is going, or if it’s completely gone? I do know that most of it is about the mind/spirit as well as the body, but I was wondering if you ate fruit throughout your healing? Only because a lot of the ‘anti-candida’ type diets completely cut out all sugar, including fruit sugar. I want to fully trust that if I just eat natural, pure “intended” foods, including fruit, to support the spiritual and mental healing I’ve felt guided towards, that the candida overgrowth will naturally no longer be an issue. But there’s still that little fear/doubt left (which I know I have to let go of anyway to heal properly!)…..soooo basically I was just wondering what your approach was to it. For me, I don’t have it that bad, but still definitely don’t need the fatigue/digestive problems. It’s like I ‘know’ that we’re all whole and complete (right now) but still…. obviously am blocking that belief a little…. which is why I’m here asking this aha.

    Thanks so much for anything you can share with me, I really, really appreciate it! And I’m so happy for you that you’ve realised an amazing life for yourself!!! Great site, and all the best to you 🙂

    1. Tanni says:

      Hi there,

      I am doing very well and enjoying good health, thank you. 🙂

      When I healed my issue with candida, I took a holistic approach that healed many issues that I had at the time. The physical part (diet) that I switched to and currently still do for the most part is about 80% raw, fresh produce, including lots of fruit and green smoothies, which you can read about more here if you would like: https://tanni7.wordpress.com/2010/03/08/green-smoothies/ Like you, I was and always am very drawn to fruit and have found it to be nothing but helpful in healing my candida. The other 20% of my diet was/is comprised of things like steamed veggies, rice, beans, and vegetable based soups. My diet is also 100% vegan and gluten free. I don’t eat any nuts either as my body doesn’t like them. So that is what worked for me, personally. I do think that the gluten is a really good thing to remove when dealing with candida issues.

      In my opinion, there are always emotional connections with health issues. Sometimes just change of diet can help release that baggage but with some stuff I find that other work is often needed or helpful as well. It is all connected though, really. 🙂 I personally used affirmations a lot to help myself replace old negative thought patterns with new, positive ones. One example being “It is safe to trust myself.” I also have a post around that here: https://tanni7.wordpress.com/2012/02/29/write-it-out-affirmations/

      Like you mentioned, oftentimes we know what the truth and the right direction is but we have all of these old beliefs playing around in our heads that try to stop us from moving forward! Affirmations can be really helpful with this, I have found. 🙂 There are other modalities available as well that can assist with quicker healing of belief and emotional issues. I am a practitioner of the type of energy healing called Thetahealing which is very helpful with this stuff. You can learn more about it at thetahealing.com if you are interested. I am a certified practitioner and I do work from long distance. If you would like any more information about that, just let me know. 🙂

      Overall, you sound very much like your heart is talking to you and telling you what you need to do, which is awesome! I think you are on the right track to healing. 🙂

      If you have any more questions feel free to ask! I wish you the best on your healing journey and send you many blessings. 🙂


  2. Jared says:

    Cool concept and advice. I resonate with your enthusiasm.

    1. Tanni says:

      Thanks, Jared. 🙂

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