It Gets Better

To my beautiful, precious souls,

Sometimes we are lost, confused and scared.  And at times life feels totally hopeless.  We may even be struggling with serious illness.  There are also moments when it seems that time has completely ceased to exist and that the pain will NEVER end.

I have been there.  All of those places and more.

I know the darkness and I know how much it HURTS.

I tell you this merely so that you know I am sincere and also to help you see that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I also know what it is like to feel UNWORTHY.

But you know what?  These things are NOT TRUE.

Just as I discovered the light inside of myself, I also SEE IT IN YOU.  And so you know that you are included, I see a light in EVERYONE.  Even those who seem unfriendly or cruel.

You are SO MUCH MORE than all of this pain.  You are a wonderful and shining being that is full of love.  Yes, YOU are.  I absolutely promise you.  We ALL are.  We just have to remember our way back to this.

Close your eyes.  Let go of the fear and the pain and the suffering for just a MOMENT.  I know this may seem impossible but if you could for a mere split second, what would it feel like?

Can you connect to an instance when you felt a slight glimmer inside of you?  Even if it was just once in your life?

THIS is the truth!  It absolutely is!  And you know what else?  You are SO AMAZING and you are SO WORTHY and DESERVING of finding your way back!

And you have a PURPOSE here that is unique and beautiful.  I KNOW it.  And YOU know it too somewhere inside of you whether you can connect to the feeling right now or not.

I am not trying to make light of your situation.  It is probably going to take some time and hard work to come back.  It sure did for me.  And I still have struggles in my life.  As far as I can tell that is part of being human.  And maybe you are thinking, “What do you mean by come back?  To where?  I have NEVER been there.”  And if so, I get that too.

But the thing is, whether you remember having been there before or not, IT GETS BETTER.  And YOU ARE SO WORTH IT.  And it means so much to me to be able to share that with you and make this connection.


All of this is a CHOICE, though.  And YOU have to commit to YOU and take action. There are many different ways to do this.  Find the one that WORKS FOR YOU.  And if you are totally lost, get some help.  Just don’t forget to listen to your own heart too.

I have SO MUCH LOVE FOR YOU.  And I am CHEERING FOR YOU so loudly!  And I am SO PROUD OF YOU just for being here today.  And finally; I truly, completely, 100% BELIEVE IN YOU because I see WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

I send you SO MUCH LOVE.


~Spread LOVE~



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