I Married Myself


Despite the fact that I had already been on a self-love journey for about seven years, a little over a year ago I realized that in many ways I was still more devoted to my partner than I was to myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a really big heart and I enjoy nurturing and caring for those closest to me and by no means am I saying that this in and of itself is a problem.  But giving away more than I had in the first place and neglecting my own needs for another person’s were absolute issues.

So I decided to marry myself.  I picked out a ring and with great love and a promise of deepest commitment I ceremoniously put it on my finger and it has been there ever since.  Every time I look at it which is numerous times per day I am reminded of what my priority is and always should be.

For the record, doing this had nothing to do with anyone but me.  As some of you may know, I recently split up with my long-term partner.  But when I married myself a year and a half ago we were still happily together.  I told my partner my plan and they were completely supportive as would I have been if they wanted to do the same.  Also, I take full responsibility for my actions and do not blame them for what I was doing.

If any of this seems selfish or strange to you I invite you to ponder the questions that follow this sentence.  Why does another person deserve YOUR love and dedication more than you do?  How can you realistically expect anyone to treat you better than you are treating yourself?  Why is it someone else’s responsibility to love you and be loyal to you but it is not also yours?

More than anything else there is, LOVE makes us whole because it is who we are.  And the love we give ourselves is the most healing and the most important simply because it is our own.

I love you


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  1. I have heard so often in the past – how powerful it is to forgive others and even more – to forgive oneself. I don’t know why I did not fully grasp that before but – I have this last few days. What an AMAZING FEELing 🙂 Both are so powerful – Both really allowing one’s own heart to open and be FREE 😀 Your Idea of marrying oneself seems to take this even further. Thank You ❤

    1. Tanni says:

      Welcome and thank you as well for sharing all of this. I actually love how there are things that take each and every one of us a very long time to grasp. Sometimes we have to go through so many different experiences before we really “get” something but I think that this is such a beautiful and special part of being human and all the more reason to love ourselves even more and in the most unconditional way.

      I am so glad for your experience with forgiveness coming together for you. It is such a tough one for so many, myself included. And even when the intention is there it can still be complicated and take time – this is an area where I have had to learn a lot of patience with it ❤

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