Say YES to Life

When your life calls you and asks you to live it, what will YOU say?

Will you say “NO” and crawl back under the covers?

Will you keep hiding  in the corner?

Will you continue to hang your head and feel unworthy?

Will you let the FEAR stop you?

Or….will you….say…….


I say YES to life!  I choose to live my life.  I choose to start RIGHT NOW.

No matter the PAST.  For it is just THAT, the past, and it is BEHIND me now.  I start FRESH today.

YES to love

YES to passion

YES to my mission

YES to purpose

YES to beautiful sunsets

YES to both the sun and the clouds

YES to uncertainty

YES to everything

Oh life, how I want to embrace you, taste you, inhale you with every breath…..

And so I shall….

With every opportunity presented…

Every time I have the option…

I do and will choose


I say YES to LIFE

~Spread LOVE~



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Brent Kimberley Hurst says:

    I Love You too Tanni !
    and I Love LIFE !!! ;o )

    1. Tanni says:

      Yay for love! Let’s keep on spreading it! 🙂

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